Photographer creates incredible Friends shoot with newborn babies

If you need some cheering up on this lockdown Tuesday, look no further than this adorable newborn photoshoot.

Obviously created before the social distancing rules came into place, Colorado-based photographer Mandy Penn brought together six babies to represent Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica and Phoebe from the hit sitcom.

Mandy has been photographing newborns for three years but in this shoot, she nails every single detail.

It started when she found out her friend was pregnant with twins and she asked about doing the themed-photoshoot.

Soon she was creating a Central Perk themed backdrop and the famous Friends couch.

Her friend Danielle Shunk created a replica of the couch from scratch.

With her friend’s twin girls on board, she still needed to cast the four other Friends, but not wanting anyone to know the theme, she just put a general call out for some babies.

But when the parents arrived with the babies, they all loved it.

Mandy put baby Chandler with a duck, a foosball table and the handcuffs he wore when Rachel’s boss Joanna locked him to her desk.

There’s also a card with a quote by the character, which says: ‘I’m not great at advice, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?’

Baby Ross was wrapped in pleather to symbolise the trousers he got stuck in (alongside the talc he used to try to get out of them), and posed with a mini Marcel the monkey, some dinosaur fossils and a sign saying ‘PIVOT!!’

Rachel lay with a lobster, a Central Perk apron and wore a wig to represent the famous haircut that everyone wanted in the 90s.

Baby Monica, of course, sat with some cleaning supplies, the famous turkey from the Thanksgiving episode and a pan, representing her job as a chef.

Little Joey wore layers of clothes in a nod to the time he put on all of Chandler’s clothes without underwear. Beside him sat pizza, Toblerone, a foosball table and his favourite book Love You Forever. And of course, there was a sign saying his famous catchphrase ‘How you doing?’

Finally, Phoebe is picture with a guitar, a smelly cat, three babies to represent the triplets she carried and a yellow taxi. She also had a sign saying ‘Hello my name is Regina Phalange.’

She also added some group shots to recreate some famous scenes, including the Holiday Armadillo and the girls wearing wedding dresses.

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